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As an author, the wife of an author and the daughter of an author (noticing a theme?) I know how hard it can be for creatives to find the time to get basic admin done. It starts as an ‘I’ll get to it’ task, until it becomes a looming ‘due by close of business today’ nightmare.

When you are trying to grow your business, engage with clients, manifest miracles and keep to deadlines, finding time in your day to take care of admin can be a genuine struggle. That's why more and more small business owners are turning to virtual assistants, like me, for their admin, leaving them free to focus on growing their business.

From administrative grunt work, to helping with social media, editing or creating blog posts, conducting online research, sourcing products, creating course workbooks and presentations or even helping you brainstorm your way through a creative block…how I work for you, is really up to you.

About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly, and I'm your new secret weapon.

I’m slightly younger than dirt and I have spent 25 years in executive assistant roles on two continents making heads of industry look powerful and polished when they presented their sales offerings.

For the past 4 years, I have (perhaps a little too quietly) been doing the same for a small, select group of clients in the creative, holistic, education and small business sectors.

Now, I am putting 25 years of experience, passion and excellence to work for YOU. From daily admin tasks, social media management and research, to making your new course offerings look amazing, creating workbooks, e-books and presentations - together, we can make 2022 your best year ever!

Get in touch now to book a free 30 minute chat to discuss your business needs.

What I Offer

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Hourly Rates

If you have a job that will only take an hour (or a few) that you need help with - please get in touch.

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Retainer Packages

Perfect for business owners & solopreneurs who need a little extra help each week.

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Workbook Packages

If you're launching a course, then now is a great time to book in your course workbook package.

Hourly Rates

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Although I work almost exclusively on a retainer basis these days; I know that sometimes you DON'T need a virtual assistant for hours and hours, you just really need an admin specialist for one or two hours...once.

If you have a job that will only take an hour, or a few, that you need help with - please get in touch. Working with me on an hourly rate is also a great way to assess how we work together, before committing to one of the retainer packages.



You're in need of a 'one-off' admin rescue and it has to happen NOW!

Great for resume & document formatting, proofreading, editing & social media scheduling.

Retainer Packages

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5 Hours / Month

Perfect for small business owners & solopreneurs who just

need a little extra help each week to catch up on admin..



10 Hours / Month

You're a small business/entrepreneur who needs more time to get things done so you can focus on your customers.



20 Hours / Month

You're a busy business owner who needs an extra set of hands to get the 'drudge' work done, so you can focus on building your empire.

Workbook Creation Packages

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2-4 Pages

Workbook created to use as a lead magnet or supporting your wonderful course..


5-9 pages

Workbook designed to keep your students engaged as they explore your course offering


10 pages

Workbook designed to boost your course value and keep your students engaged as they explore your course offering.


What's better than happy clients?

Happy clients who are delighted to tell friends about the work you have done for them!

The great thing about working virtually, is that I and able to work with clients from right across the globe. Alongside my fabulous UK clients, I have also worked with solepreneurs, academics, small business owners & creatives from Bangkok, Sydney, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Savannah, Los Angeles and Singapore.

In fact, for some of my clients, the great thing about hiring a VA from another time zone is that work literally gets done while they SLEEP! Can you imagine waking up and having LESS work to do than when you went to sleep?


I am interested in a retainer package, but if I don't use all my hours, can I roll them over to the next month?

Absolutely! The monthly retainer packages are designed to help you get the most out of your time with me, but if you find that you're not using all of your hours once month, we'll just roll them on over for you for a maximum of 2 months. If it becomes clear that the current package you're on is larger than you need right now, then I will work out a custom plan of hours for you.

I need something done, but it's more like accounts than admin, can you still help with that?

Sadly, no. Accounting, particularly anything related to tax or payroll, is a specialist field and I am not qualified; so you would be better off finding a certified accountant to help you with that. However, if you just need me to make some calls to customers with outstanding invoices, that I can absolutely help you with.

How do you handle privacy and confidentiality? I need some help with my social media but I am worried about handing over the passwords to my social media accounts.

The great thing about most social media platforms now is that, rather than hand over your passwords to a complete stranger, you can simply add them as an 'editor' or 'contributor' on your pages/groups and they can upload, schedule and create posts without having the ability to alter critical information. That way only YOU know the passwords to your account, but you still get the benefit of someone doing the work you need done.

I need some admin help, but it changes from month to month - is that a problem? Do I need to have you do the same thing every month?

Variety is the spice of life, I say! My business is making sure you can focus on YOUR business. So if that means one month you need a tonne of data entry done, and the next month you need some Instagram posts branded and scheduled, well...that's what I'll do.

How does it work, with time differences?

Working globally means that, you're right, I am NOT always going to be online when you are, so we have to make sure that we understand when things are due. I love a calendar, so it rarely becomes an issue.

In fact, some of my international clients love the fact that they can be getting some Zzzz's while I am hard at work making their upcoming day easier for them.

Do you still format academic thesis submissions?

I do, kind of. Due to the intensity of this work and the level ofmy current workload I normally only take on this kind of workwhen the client has been personally recommended by a former client. I am not taking on any new thesis formatting jobs at present but I will advertise on my socials when/if I decide to open up my books again.

I really want to create a course for my business, but I am not sure how to get started. Are you able to write the whole course for me?

As much as I'd love to, no. I simply won't have the insight into your industry and clients that you do. While I cannot write your course for you, I can format your notes into course 'lesson' bites - create scripts for you to record your videos from and help you flesh out your idea to include other ways to maximise your customers experience, like workbooks, printables and merch.

Let's collaborate.

If you think that I might be able to help you with your admin dilemma, a course workbook, resume creation or anything else, please book in for a 100% FREE 15-minute consultation.

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